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Welcome to red zebra

Welcome to our site, we are a producer of resin and fine dental plaster cast accessories to detail your model kits or


dioramas. Although we normally work in 1/35th scale, we also have a few 1/48th scale accessories.

We are constantly adding to the range, and always open to ideas, if there’s something you would like to see, but isn’t available, please let us know, although we cannot promise, we always consider other subjects. 


We really hope that you like our sets. If you click on the image, you'll get a larger picture.

Also, click on the words 'show more' at the bottom to find more items/sets.

Now also on Facebook, its only taken me years to get used to this new fangled technology stuff :-)

(Search for Paul Wade)


Thanks for your interest,  :-)





Hoping to attend the following model shows in 2024, Sword and Lance (Darlington), Model Kraft (Milton Keynes), MAFVA Nationals (St Ives, Cambridge), Scale Scotland (Edinburgh), Spalding/Fenland (Holbeach) and Lincoln IPMS show.

As of Feb 2022 we will no longer accept orders or send items to either Russia or Belarus.

We now have a stock of the AK Toyota FJ Land cruisers and the three versions of the AK Land Rovers now available 

So what's new......

35th scale news
NEW - LRDG Trooper (No.1)
NEW - Abandoned Arm Chair
NEW - Military Spray Painter
NEW - Graffiti Artist (Civilian)
NEW - Wall (No.6) Brick wall*
NEW - Wall (No.5) Brick and render wall*
NEW - Wall (No.4) Block Graffiti wall*
NEW - Wall (No.3) Stone and Brick wall*
NEW - Wall (No.2) Concrete block wall with rendering*
NEW - Wall (No.1) Concrete block / breeze block style wall*
NEW - Soviet precast concrete fence panels*

*All our walls can be assembled as either a right hand or left hand 'corner section.

Small diorama featuring our single story Middle East building, wheely bins, industrial wheely bin, domestic waste No2 and toilet




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