We have a range of resin and fine dental plaster cast accessories to detail your model kits or dioramas. 


We are constantly adding to the range, and always open to ideas, if there’s something you would like to see, but isn’t available, please let us know, although we cannot promise, we always consider other subjects. 


We really hope that you like our sets. If you click on the image, you'll get a larger picture.

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You may have noticed that we've been reasonably quiet over the last couple months, as I've been in Doha, Qatar for 4 months, however am now back in the UK, and hoping to catch up with casting very soon, thanks for your patience :-) Another positive note of my time over there, I've picked up loads of ideas for future projects, which I'm hoping to develop over the winter months for release 2020 - including a few surprises :-)

Also, whilst over there I came across some very weathered buildings, brilliant reference material for anyone looking at Middle east subjects, when I get time, Ill add the best photos to a section on our web site.

Hoping to attend the following model shows in 2020, Peterborough, Darlington Sword and Lance, Newcastle, Euro Miniature and Edinburgh Scale Scotland.

We will also be attending the Modelkraft show at Milton Keynes this year.

We will also be stocking sets from Yenmodels in Belgium in 2020, some excellent sets to help finish off your dioramas.

So what's new...........

48th scale news

Whilst sorting some masters out I came across a 48th scale stowage rolls/tarpaulins and camo nets set, moulds made and now available.

35th scale news

We've decided that some of our sets are now due a bit of a update, so some of the existing sets will be disappearing in the short term, but over the winter we'll redevelop these and the updated sets will be coming back next year. The current stock of these sets, we'll be reducing the cost and putting on ebay for December, they will only be available whilst stocks last though.

Available now:-

NEW - Old battered sofa

NEW - Stowage set for Bronco Models Quad and Trailer 

NEW - Modern day Middle East casualty

NEW - Stowage set for Bronco Models British Army Quad bike (only)

NEW - Rations in crates & sacks

NEW - Stowage for Meng Models British Army Husky

NEW - Street barricade

NEW - Modern stowage set




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