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Working with Resin

Although we don’t want to sound like your mother, we think we should make you aware of the following health and safety information:-


  • Our sets contain polyurethane resin cast parts, although we try to keep the casting sprue as small as possible. There is a chance that you will need to trim the resin back further, either with a scalpel, razor saw, or even a file. Like all dusts, resin dust isn’t good for you, so don’t sniff it.

  • Take care with anything sharp, as if you cut your finger it hurts and the blood makes a mess, we know this the hard way.

  • The resin accessories should be glued with a superglue, take care not to stick yourself to anything, i.e. a house, a train, a plane, a rampaging elephant etc.

  • Also our sets are maybe not suitable for little kids or animals, which sometimes eat stuff. If this is the case, there’s every chance you will be unable to complete your model and the dog may be sick on the carpet.

  • Although not resin cast, we now have some plaster cast items, Middle East buildings, and various rubble sets, when cutting/filing or sanding there a chance of plaster dust try not to breath it in

  • The Brick and stone rubble set contains real bits of broken timber, be careful of any splinters.

  • The Reinforced concrete rubble and our Middle East Buildings contain a length of twisted wire to reproduce 'rebar' be careful of any cut ends that may be sharp.

  • Our sets come in little plastic bags, like all plastic bags don't put them on your head. Although in fairness you'd need a tiny head to get it inside our plastic bags

  • We try and keep the packaging to a minimum, however need to use a staple to attach the header cards, take care as these can be sharp.


Sorry to be a downer on this, but we want you to survive the model making process. 


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