1/35th Scale

British NBC Tank crew
1970's-1980's tank crew in NBC suits
Civilian Stowage set
Selection of civilian stowage bags/mats and coolbox
£ 12.00
Post apocalypse scooter
Scooter with extra stowage, not quite as 'Mad Max'
Modern Civilian Scooter
Civilian style scooter
£ 13.00
UK WW2 Tank crew bags
UK/Commonwealth Tank crew bag stowage
£ 9.00
German WW2 Battlefield Graves
Four German WW2 battle field graves.
£ 9.00
Seven different pumpkins
£ 8.00
Plant Pots
Eight different plant/flower pots
£ 8.00
Lenin wall and Plaque
Damaged wall and Lenin plaque, 9cm in height.
£ 12.00
Kurdish female fighter
Modern Kurdish fighter, (although could also be a post apocalyptical figure)
£ 10.00
Heads with face masks
Replacement heads, wearing dust masks/face coverings
Old toys/dolls
Various soft 'spooky' looking toys/dolls
Middle East Head set 2
5 replacement Arab/Middle East heads
Stowage for Bronco Quad and trailer
Stowage for the Quad and drop in load for the trailer.
Middle East 'selfie'
Syria/Iraq ME figure taking a 'selfie'
£ 10.00
Russian Tank crewman
Relaxed modern Russian Tanker(could also work in ME)
£ 10.00
Modern British Army Heads
Replacement heads in helmets
£ 8.00
Middle East accessories
Stone pots/vases/pray mats and pipes
£ 12.00
Food and drinks containers
Fast food containers, coffee cups and soda cans
£ 11.00
Vietnam stone pots
Stone / Earthen ware pots
£ 11.00
Old Sofa
Old battered sofa c/w separate cushions
£ 13.00
Modern Middle East casualty
Dead insurgent
£ 10.00
Stowage for Bronco Models Quad
Stowage for the Bronco British Army Quad bike
£ 9.00
Rations in crates & sacks
Various rations foods in crates/sacks and pots
£ 12.00
Husky TSV stowage
Drop in load for Meng Models British Army Husky plus turret roll.
£ 14.00
Street Barricade
Oil drum and sand bag street barricade.
£ 12.00
Modern stowage set
Bergen's, sleeping bags, rolls, boxes and bags
£ 15.00
DShK Machine guns
Two different wrapped DShK guns
£ 10.00
Air Conditioning Units
Two resin cast air con units with laser cut grills
£ 11.00
USA WW2 Stowage big set
Various US Army stowage
£ 15.00
German Africa Korp big stowage
Various Africa Korp stowage
£ 15.00
Bald character heads
5 x bald heads with various expressions
£ 8.00
Syria /Iraq ME heads
5 x heads with beards and shaved heads
£ 8.00
Syria / Iraq freedom fighter
Modern day Middle East soldier / Freedom fighter.
£ 10.00
British WW2 stowage big set
Rolls, bags and boxes with British equipment.
£ 15.00
US Vietnam stowage big set
Rolls, bags and crates with US equipment.
£ 15.00
German WW2 stowage big set
Rolls, bags and equipment with German equipment.
£ 15.00
Syria/Iraq Tank crew heads
5 different Middle East Tank crew heads
£ 8.00
British WW2 Camo nets
Complete with British equipment
£ 10.00
Industrial Wheely Bin
Complete with cast in rubbish/waste
£ 13.00
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2010 - present

2010 - present

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TV Camera crew

War Correspondents, 3 figure TV crew £ 25.00